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  • Bay Blenders Lamb Milk Replacer

Bay Blenders Lamb Milk Replacer

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A good curding and highly digestible lamb milk replacer that has been formulated to meet young lamb’s nutritional requirements from 4 days of age. A blend of New Zealand sourced natural milk powders fortified with vitamins and minerals, including a free flow agent.

Suitable for lambs, fawns, foals, kittens and pups.



  • Adequate colostrum is crucial for lamb health.
  • A new-born should receive colostrum within 6 hours of birth.
  • Follow the feeding guidelines carefully as overfeeding can result in bloating and/or scouring.
  • Mix with warm water (50°C) and allow cooling to 40°C before feeding.

Age                 Volume (200g/litre water)

0 – 1 days        Colostrum fed ad-lib
2 – 4 days        150ml 6 times a day
5 – 7 days        250ml 4 times a day
8 – 21 days      350ml 4 times a day
22 days +         500ml 2 times a day


  • Store powder airtight in a cool dry place away from light
  • Cleanliness and hygiene of mixing and feeding equipment is vital to good calf health
  • Mix powder prior to feeding, not the night before as settling may occur
  • Lambs navels should be checked and sprayed with iodine to prevent navel infection
  • Eliminate stress by providing adequate shelter and a fresh clean water supply

Protein       26%
Fat               25%
Lactose      38%
Minerals     8%
Moisture    3%
ME              20 MJ/kg

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