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  • Dunstan Mare Mineral

Dunstan Mare Mineral


A Vitamin and Mineral concentrate pellet for the late pregnant Mare

  • Low intake
  • Organic minerals
  • Amino acids
  • Chromium
  • Live yeast
  • Mannan-oligosaccharide


Dunstan Mare Mineral pellets are a palatable vitamin and mineral concentrate pellet for the pregnant mare in the last trimester of her pregnancy.

As a concentrated source of key nutrients, it is ideal for the Mare which is maintaining body condition primarily on pasture and hay alone and does not require the calories of a full feed.

During the last three months of a Mare’s pregnancy, research suggests that feeding elevated levels of trace minerals, particularly Copper and Zinc, assists in the transfer of these important minerals to the developing foal. Ensuring good intakes of these trace elements helps to contribute to ensuring the birth of a Foal with minimised bone and joint disorders.

Minerals in Dunstan Mare Mineral Pellet are in their Organic form including Selenium from Selenium Yeast, and therefore are safer and more bio-available to the horse, for optimum utilisation. A combination of elevated levels of Selenium and Vitamin E in the last trimester of the mare’s pregnancy will enhance immunity in both the Mare and Foal.

The addition of Chromium to assist in maintaining a more stable blood glucose will have benefits for cartilage development in the subsequent foal, due to a reducing fluctuation of blood glucose.

The addition of a live yeast aids digestion and will assist in maintaining a more optimal hindgut pH.

The inclusion of Mannan-Oligosaccharide (Agrimos) contributes to digestive health due to its ability to bind mycotoxins.

Quality protein ingredients are used to ensure good amino acid status which is of key importance to all breeding horses.

Equine Safe

Dunstan Horsefeeds are produced in Equine-Safe manufacturing plants, ensuring a product of premium quality, safety and performance.

Professionally formulated for New Zealand Horses performing under New Zealand conditions

Barley, Wheat By-Product, Soyabean Meal, Full Fat Canola, Limestone, Dicalcium Phosphate, Molasses, Salt, Organic Glycinate Trace Minerals, Selenium Yeast, Live Yeast, Chromium, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Agrimos.

Typical Analysis

(dry matter basis)

Crude Protein 12.0 %
Fat5.0 %
Fibre6.0 %
Salt1.5 %
Energy DE12.5 MJ/KG

Nutrient Composition

per kilo of Dunstan Mare Mineral (as fed)

Zinc (Organic)640mg
Copper (Organic)320mg
Selenium (Organic)3.0mg
Vitamin A40,000i.u
Vitamin D3,000i.u
Vitamin E500i.u

Heat stable Vitamins added at the time of manufacture.

Amounts per horse per day when offered as the full feed:

The recommended feeding rates are based on a 500kg horse and are guidelines only.

Last Trimester1kg

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