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  • Dunstan Race-Ease

Dunstan Race-Ease


An Oat – free, textured feed formulated specifically for Horses prone to ‘Tying –Up’.

  • No oats
  • Extruded grains
  • Elevated levels of key antioxidants
  • Organic minerals
  • Selenium yeast
  • Natural Vitamin E
  • Live yeast
  • Chromium
  • Includes Melofeed®
  • Low starch
  • Addition of a live yeast
  • Includes Chromium


Dunstan Race Ease is a high-energy Racing formula utilising a combination of energy sources to avoid complete reliance on high starch ingredients as a fuel source.  The inclusion of super fibres (sugarbeet and soya hulls) provide calories from low starch, quality fibre sources, not only to assist in managing ‘tying-up’ but also for digestive health.  Steam flaked Lupins contribute a low starch, high protein, high fat, energy-dense ingredient ideal for the working horse. The further addition of vegetable oil provides another alternative calorie source of key importance in the equine athlete pre-disposed to ‘tying-up’.

Dunstan Race Ease is an Oat free ration, with the cereal portion provided as extruded Barley. The inclusion of Barleysupplies a in it's extruded form supplies a readily available energy source, but in a highly digestible form which is less likely to cause digestive upsets as a result of excessive fermentation in the caecum or hindgut.

Minerals are provided as Glycinate Organic Trace Minerals resulting in improved bioavailability. This ensures maximum feed and nutrient utilisation, also aiding development of the natural immune system.

Elevated levels of Vitamin E and Selenium are included in this formula, with Selenium provided in the more available form of Selenium Yeast and Vitamin E as Natural Vitamin E.

Additional electrolytes as Potassium Chloride and Magnesium Oxide are included to aid muscle integrity and assist in reducing anxiety from Magnesium deficiency.

Chromium Yeast is included as an aid to overall energy utilisation and as an agent to help reduce lactic acid accumulation, a factor often associated with tying up.

The further addition of a live yeast aids digestion and increases nutrient availability as well as assisting in maintaining an optimal hindgut pH.

Equine Safe

Dunstan Horsefeeds are produced in Equine-Safe manufacturing plants, ensuring a product of premium quality, safety and performance.

Professionally formulated for New Zealand Horses performing under New Zealand conditions

Extruded Bran and Pollard, Soya Hulls, Soyabean Oil, Molasses, Steam Flaked Lupins, Extruded Barley, Melofeed®, Fibre Pellet, Crushed Peas, Sugarbeet, Sunflower Seeds, Vitamins and Minerals, Dicalcium Phosphate, Limestone, Lysine, Magnesium Oxide, Natural Vitamin E, Potassium Chloride,  Chromium Yeast, Live Yeast Culture, Selenium Yeast,

Typical Analysis

(dry matter basis)

Crude Protein 13.0 %
Fibre11.0 %
Fat12.0 %
Salt1.5 %
Energy DE15.5 MJ/KG

Nutrient Composition

per kilo of Dunstan Race-Ease (as fed)

Crude Protein115g
Sodium0.45 %
Zinc (Organic)200mg
Copper (Organic)70mg
Selenium 0.75mg
Vitamin A12,000i.u
Vitamin D12,000i.u
Vitamin E550i.u
Vitamin K2.0mg
Thiamine B1 6.0mg
Riboflavin B2 6.0mg
Pyridoxine B6 5.0mg
Vitamin B1250ug
Folic Acid1.5mg
Melofeed® 40mg

Heat stable Vitamins added at the time of manufacture.

Amounts per horse per day when offered as the full feed:

The recommended feeding rates are based on a 500kg horse and are guidelines only.

Light Work2.5kg – 3kg
Moderate Work3kg – 4kg
Heavy Work4kg – 5kg

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