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  • Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes

Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes


A lightly molassed, highly palatable, calorie dense, ‘super fibre’ for horses.

  • A ‘super fibre’, more calorie dense than traditional fibre sources
  • Highly palatable
  • ‘cool’ energy source
  • Assists in maintaining hindgut health
  • High in calcium
  • Utilised as a partial forage replacer

Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes is a natural feed, produced during extraction of sugar from the root crop sugarbeet, Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes includes added molasses.

Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes is high in digestible fibre, which under bacterial digestion in the horse’s hindgut slowly releases energy, providing a good energy source, whilst keeping the digestive tract in good condition.

Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes is high in Calcium. Making it the ideal complement to Oats and Bran, helping to balance the diet.

Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes with the added Molasses is very palatable tempting even the fussiest eaters.

As a soaked supplement, Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes is a valuable addition to the ration for a horse when travelling and away to assist in hydration.

Due to its moist nature at feeding and lack of dust, Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes is suitable for horses that suffer from respiratory conditions.

Horses require a bare minimum of 1% of their body weight in hay, chaff or pasture daily on a dry matter basis.

NOTE: Always ensure Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes are fully soaked prior to feeding.

Easy to use. The only preparation required is the soaking of Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes in 5 parts water to 1 part Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes (for example 200g of dry Sugarbeet requires 1L of water to soak)

Dunstan Sugarbeet fully soaks in 30mins. Warm water ensures faster soaking.

Natural sugarbeet pulp dried, micronised and flaked for faster soaking with added molasses.

Typical Analysis

(dry matter basis)

Protein 10.0 %
Fibre14.0 %
Sugars20.0 %
Calcium0.9 %
Phosphorus0.07 %
Energy DE12.5 MJ/KG

Amounts per day before soaking:

The recommended feeding rates are guidelines only.

120 - 260kg Body Weight200g - 500g Dry Sugarbeet
260 - 290kg Body Weight200g - 800g Dry Sugarbeet
290 - 350kg Body Weight200g - 1.3kg Dry Sugarbeet
350 - 520kg Body Weight500g - 2kg Dry Sugarbeet
520 - 725kg Body Weight1kg - 3kg Dry Sugarbeet

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