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  • Equine Care Probiotic Spray

Equine Care Probiotic Spray

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EquineCare Probiotic is a simple spray on treatment for bacterial and fungal diseases such as mud fever, rain scald, seedy toe and thrush.


EquineCare Probiotic is sprayed directly on the infected area. Unlike traditional methods of treating mud fever it is not necessary to remove the scabs from the horse. Our product contains beneficial microbes which find their way under the scabs, essentially overcrowding the pathogens causing the disease.

Once the tissue is healed sufficiently the scabs will come away naturally.

EquineCare Probiotic is made from a blend of beneficial bacteria, yeasts and fungi which work together and create an environment the pathogens can no longer survive in. EquineCare Probiotic contains no other products apart from water and is non toxic.

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