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  • Fiber Protect X 2 Deal

Fiber Protect X 2 Deal

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The only equine lucerne product in New Zealand scientifically proven and registered for the prevention and treatment of stomach ulcers in Horses. Fiber Fresh is a premium forage fibre for optimal health and performance – suitable for all horses

  • Fresh cut lucerne with *Xanotyde® aids in the prevention and healing of ulcers
  • Highly digestible quality protein to build muscle and immunity
  • High in digestible energy, but very low in sugar and starch
  • Improves top-line and condition
  • Can be fed as a sole feed source or with other feeds


    FiberProtect® is a moist, high energy, highly digestible forage fibre feed comprising pure fresh cut lucerne, ideal for all horses requiring top quality forage.  A good source of calcium and other minerals, it also features high levels of digestible protein, lysine and other amino acids which together are essential for vital functions including growth, reproduction and immunity in the horse.

    We recommend FiberProtect® when higher levels of digestible protein, essential amino acids and increased muscle development for better top-line condition are required.  FiberProtect® is scientifically proven to heal and prevent ulcers in horses. It can be fed on its own to either support pasture/hay feeding, as the primary forage, or together with grain/cereal-based concentrate feeds.

    FiberProtect® is especially effective in helping avoid digestive discomfort and gastric disorders associated with grain/concentrate feeding and can help improve digestive function and gastric health in all horses.

    FiberProtect® is completely safe, consistent and ideal as the quality forage in the ration of all horses.

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