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  • Golden Horse Lucerne Chaff

Golden Horse Lucerne Chaff


Lucerne is an excellent natural source of protein containing essential amino acids. Typical analysis (dry matter basis) - Dry Matter 83%, digestible energy 10.36 MJ/kg, crude protein 20%, Fibre (NDF) 40%, digestibility 59%.



  • High quality forage feed
  • Easy to digest
  • Crude protein content approximately 20%
  • The calcium content of lucerne can exceed the requirement of most horses but when fed in small quantities lucerne will not increase calcium in the diet to excessive levels


  • Protein for increased muscle mass for horses in training
  • All products chaffed fresh to order; horses consume the product during the true season optimising seasonal changes in forage availability
  • Improves digestion of other feeds and supports gut health
  • 100% Natural Horse Power

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