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Harmful bacteria can produce toxins that stimulate a defensive immune reaction by the animal & this diverts dietary nutrients away from productive purposes.


Evidence has shown that specific organic substances such as those contained in Harmonize, may be of benefit when aflatoxins and other mycotoxins are in the diet. These include:

  • production of necessary organic acids and stabilizing the gastric pH
  • stimulation of production of important gut micro-organisms
  • maintenance of optimum balance of intestinal microflora
  • reduction of effects related to external stress factors
  • decrease gastric oxygen to minimize effects of harmful bacteria

Nil Withholding. Harmonize does not include any ingredients listed as FEI Prohibited Substances and Australian or NZ Rules of Racing banned substances. Harmonize will not swab positive.

The recommended dose per day

  • Normal maintenance dose for med horse = 1 x 10 gram scoop per day  
  • Normal maintenance dose for small pony = 1 x half scoop per day

Can be safely given to:

  • FOAL large 10g, small 5g
  • STRESSED horse 10g, pony x 5g
  • LAMINITIC horse 20g, pony 10g
  • DIARRHEA horse 20g, pony 10g
  • SICK/CONVALESCING horse 20g, pony 10g
  • EMS horse 20g, pony 10g
  • BREEDING horse 20g, pony 10g
  • COMPETITION horse 20g, pony 10g
  • TRAVELLING horse 20g, pony 10g

Overdosing will not cause the horse or pony harm however it may prevent acceptance. When using the larger dose it is wise to split between morning and night feeds.

Per 10g dose:

Digestible Energy 0.1, Crude Protein, 0.23%, Lysine, 0%, Calcium, 0.03%, Phosphorus, 0.17% Copper 0.02%, Zinc 0.06%, Selenium 0.01%, Manganese 0.04%, Iodine 0%, Iron 0.09%, Sodium 0.01%, Chloride 0%, Magnesium 0.13%, Potassium 0.02%, Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin D 0%, Vitamin E 0%, Vitamin B1 0.12%, Vitamin B2 1%, Niacin 0.47%, Vitamin B5 1.6%, Vitamin B6 0.4%, Folic Acid 0.01%

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