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  • HERDD Animal Bedding
  • HERDD Animal Bedding

HERDD Animal Bedding


Natural pine pellet bedding giving your animals soft bedding that is long lasting, low dust and highly absorbent.

Our eco-friendly, oversized 22kg bags conveniently provide a hygienic environment for your animals’ comfort and rest. 

HERDD bedding is 100% natural, packed into fully compostable bags, meaning you can reduce your waste footprint by composting empty bags in your manure pile, recycling them or re-purposing 


HERDD bedding is suitable for horses of all ages, including foals. HERDD is excellent for young or sickly stock as it is relatively sterile vs. other options.

For a standard sized (4x4m) box, we recommend 9 bags (subject to your own preference for depth - you may want 1 or 2 more or less; 9 bags gives approx 10cm depth). If you have rubber flooring, we recommend 7 bags (7 gives approx 8cm depth).

  • Cover floor evenly to a thickness of 3cm with dry pellets. Generously hose with water (apply more water than you think!) & watch HERDD become soft & fluffy
  • Wait 15 minutes before using a rake to flip over the bedding to reveal dry pellets. Sprinkle with more water & leave to fluff
  • Any dry-ish pellets will continue to expand over the next few hours (fine to put the animal on it in the meantime)

Don’t worry about over-watering HERDD, it will dry itself out & it actually likes water… so at any time, if it’s too dry for you, just hose the bed some more

After completing the above process, it is normal for some pellets to still be visible. These fluff up over time (Tip: If you have an animal that urinates in a particular area, you can purposefully leave un-watered HERDD bedding in that area to soak up extra wet patches)

Over time, HERDD bedding darkens in colour - this is completely normal

Dispose of the empty bag in your manure pile to compost, burn it in your (legal!) fireplace, use it as weed mat in your garden, or simply recycle the bag in your council collection

Soiled bedding can be used in your garden for compost (but you may not want to use around vegetables due to manure content)

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