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  • Keratex Hoof Gel

Keratex Hoof Gel


For use on hooves that are weak and prone to cracks, peeling and splitting, often caused by excessive moisture. Protects the hooves against external water while allowing the hooves to breathe and retain their natural strength. Use in wet ground conditions.


Keratex Hoof Gel contains a powerful water-repelling chemical dissolved in a solvent, plus another solvent which allows the chemical to penetrate the horn. This chemical is a very long molecule: one end sticks onto the nitrogen atoms in the keratin protein of the horn, and the other end waves about, repelling water molecules but not water vapor. This keeps perfect water balance in the horn, in wet or dry weather. It also provides protection against the ammonia generated from the urea in the urine, which can degrade the hoof by saponifying the natural protective lipids in the hoof.

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