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Kohnkes Own Palomino Gold


The preparation and conditioning of a horse for competition is a combination of careful planning, motivation, dedication and skill. Conditioning for equestrian competition and showing involves a recipe of balanced and careful nutrition, preparation of the coat and ensuring that the horse has the proportions and top-line to stand out in the competition arena.


Although, all horses should look their best on a balanced diet with adequate but not excessive levels of nutrients, Palominos are particularly sensitive to certain dietary imbalances. Many Palominos are at risk of developing dark patches and colour variations in their coats, also known as ‘smutting’. Not every Palomino has the gene which causes smutting and not all Palominos need to maintained in show condition. However, owners of Palominos with the tendency to ‘smut’ can find it very difficult to balance the diet to reduce patchy dark areas and colour variation in the coat.

Palomino horses can develop ‘smutty’ patches as a result of excess intake of protein and oils (fats) as well as too much Vitamin A and trace-minerals, including copper, iron and selenium in natural feeds, such as hay or hard feed or when these nutrients are added as a dietary supplement. A ‘white’ cereal-based diet of grains, pollard or mill run cereal chaff, cereal or grass hay can help to reduce the risk of smutting in Palominos and help give a uniform coat colour. Protein meals, lucerne and clover chaff or hay, rice bran, sunflower seeds, copra meal and molasses should be avoided as these feeds are likely to cause smutting in sensitive horses. Careful feeding to avoid an excess of any single, or a combination of trace-minerals and vitamins is the best management method for Palominos and Buckskins. However, plain white feed diets are generally deficient in a number of important nutrients to maintain bone strength, stamina and recovery after exercise as well as a horse’s overall health and vitality.

Kohnke’s Own Palomino Gold is an innovative, world first supplement specifically formulated for Palomino horses to help make up shortfalls of all essential nutrients to boost overall health and vitality as well as improve the intensity of coat colour of horses on white feed diets. Palomino Gold is suitable for all Palominos and Buckskins training or competing in any equestrian discipline. Palomino Gold is also suitable for other dilute colours including Duns, Cremellos and Champagnes.

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