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  • Mitavite Breeda

Mitavite Breeda


Mitavite® Breeda® is one of the most trusted and popular complete feeds available.  Supporting the development and replenishment of body tissues during critical growth phases such as in a mares final 3 months of pregnancy.  


Unique Features of Mitavite Breeda

  • Fully steam extruded for maximum digestibility.
  • Highly palatable for even the fussiest eaters.
  • Great for all breeding and growing horses.
  • Formulated to support the development and replenishment of all body tissues.
  • Extra energy and condition during all sport and leisure training.
  • Contains Bonafide®, Mitavite®'s exclusive Vitamin K supplement that supports bone density and good health.
  • No Added Soy & Molasses*

Choose Mitavite Breeda when

  • You are after a great conditioning feed to nurture growth and development
  • You need a feed that is suitable for breeding stock and performance horses
  • You are after a feed high in protein to help build top line and aid muscle recovery after exercise
  • You are wanting to support bone density and good health with Bonafide®, Mitavite®’s exclusive Vitamin K supplement.

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