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  • NPC OptiMin

NPC OptiMin

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OPTI-MIN- is a high potency, fortified daily multi-vitamin, mineral, amino acid and natural salt supplement for all horses. It helps balance the diet by making up shortfalls in pasture or feeds. 


OPTI-MIN is useful to include in your horse's diet when pasture quality is poor, for growing horses, working horses and seasonal changes such as autumn/winter when nutrients become less available through pastures or simply to keep the diet balanced overall.

OPTI-MIN is made for New Zealand conditions. New Zealand pasture is generally deficient or not well balanced in certain minerals, where some minerals are found in excess such as iron and manganese, others are in shortfall such as iodine, sodium, copper, zinc and selenium. Vitamin shortfalls of A and E can also occur where fresh green forage is restricted. OPTI-MIN contains higher levels of copper, zinc as well as containing iodine and selenium. The selenium level is low as generally most pastures have a baseline of "some". In addition, it contains sodium chloride. These elements are all commonly low in New Zealand pastures.

OPTI-MIN also contains essential amino acids required by the horse and necessary for healthy hooves, coats and topline condition and/or muscle development.

OPTI-MIN does not add iron chelate as research indicates horses rarely if ever have iron deficiency. It is considered adequate in feedstuffs. Commonly Manganese (not to be confused with Magnesium) and Cobalt are also adequate. Additional Magnesium may be required during seasonal flushes (green grass growth) where the horse may require extra, the horse does not require extra all year round, so you will not find this high in OPTI-MIN. 

Active Ingredients per 60 g dose

  • Vitamin D3 500 iu
  • Vitamin E (natural) 667 iu
  • Biotin 15mg
  • Calcium 3000mg
  • Choline 333.33 mg
  • Chromium 3.33 mg
  • Folic acid 10 mg
  • Iodine 1.6 mg
  • Lysine HCL 5000mg  
  • Magnesium 1500mg
  • Methionine DL 2500mg  
  • Organic Copper 150mg
  • Organic Zinc 450mg
  • Phosphorous 1500mg
  • Selenium yeast 0.3 mg  
  • Sodium Chloride (salt) 9,219 grams  
  • Pro/pre-biotic live yeast 6,000 mg (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae)
  • Threonine 500 mg

Recommended daily dose:
30-60g daily per 500 Kg
Recommended for all horses incl. breeding mares and stallions and young stock where some hard feed or premixed feeds may be used but below recommended levels

Up to 80grams daily per 500 Kg
Recommended for horses receiving restricted grass intakes and/or mainly hay diets, with possibly no hard feed or very little

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