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  • NRM Rabbit Pellets

NRM Rabbit Pellets

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NRM Rabbit Pellets provide a complete, balanced diet for breeding stock and young growing rabbits and are also suitable for feeding to pet rabbits.

  • All Young Rabbits Introduce gradually from 2 weeks and then feed ad-lib.
  • Meat Rabbits: Feed ad-lib until 5 days prior to slaughter.
  • Angoras for fibre production: Feed ad-lib until 12 weeks of age and then restrict to 100-120g/day.
  • Breeders: Restrict to 100 – 120g/day after 8 weeks of age to prevent does becoming overfat.
  • Pregnant Does: Restrict to 150g/day until the last week of pregnancy and thereafter feed ad-lib.
  • Lactating Dose: Ad-lib from last week of pregnancy until weaning (200-300g depending on the litter size).
  • Pet Rabbits: Provide additional fibre such as hay to add variety to the rabbit’s diet and reduce the risk of obesity.

Ensure rabbits have access to fresh, clean water always.

Note: At times rabbits can respond to a variety of stress factors by rapidly developing diarrhoea. If this occurs provide a good fibre source such as extra hay/straw, and plenty of fresh water and temporarily reduce pellet and other feed intakes. Consult a veterinarian if the condition persists.


Ingredients selected from Grain and grain by-products, oilseed meals and by-products, molasses, lucerne meal, grass seed fibre, raw fibre concentrate, minerals, vegetable oils, amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals, mould inhibitor, coccidiostat and flavour.

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