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  • NRM Sheep Nuts

NRM Sheep Nuts


In times of low pasture growth or poor pasture quality, an additional nutrient feed source may be necessary, with Sheep Nuts a supplementary feed for sheep.

  • Quality ingredients contained in a 10mm nut for utilisation and reduced wastage
  • To help sustain sheep during a feed shortage, Sheep Nuts offers high levels of digestible energy and metabolisable energy (ME)
  • Can be feed to pregnant ewes when feed intake is limited
  • Molasses increases palatability
  • Essential minerals and trace elements promote flock health and production
  • Contains Vitamins A, D and E and trace elements including zinc, selenium, iodine, cobalt and manganese
  • Minimises copper content so excess intake is avoided

Feeding Rate:

Typical feeding rate is 150g/head/day. Optimum feeding rates depend on pasture availability and quality and the age and condition of the sheep. The nuts can be fed at higher levels if required. Transition onto NRM Sheep Nuts by starting with 50g/head/day, ideally for a week before building up to 150g/head/day over the following one to two weeks. Ensure an adequate amount of forage is available at all times.

Grains, grain by-products, oilseed meals, grass seed meal, legumes, molasses, sodium bentonite, minerals, trace minerals and vitamins and vegetable oil.

Typical Analysis

(dry matter basis)

Crude Protein 12.2 %
Fat2.0 %
Digestible Energy12.2 ME/kg

Amounts per day:

The recommended feeding rates are guidelines only.


Amounts can vary depending on pasture availability & growth rates required.

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