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  • Nutritech Fermaid Ease

Nutritech Fermaid Ease


Fermaid® Ease is a natural feed ingredient to help maintain gastric health in intensively managed horses at risk from gastric ulcers. Fermaid® Ease 187 is the product of the fermentation of soya flour by specific lactic acid bacteria L. delbrueckii lactis Rosell-187. Fermaid® Ease is successfully used in humans that are subject to gastric ulceration.


The development of ulcers occurs when the mucosal protective mechanisms (mucous and bicarbonate secretion, increased blood flow and cell turnover), are overwhelmed by the aggressive action of gastric acid and other protein digesting enzymes.

Fermaid® Ease maintains the integrity of the digestive tract: controls gastric acid production and supports cell regeneration. It contributes to the well-being of your horse by reducing the clinical signs associated with stress. Fermaid® Ease also strengthens the health of your horse by limiting the consequences of stress.

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