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  • Pedigree Working Dog Biscuits

Pedigree Working Dog Biscuits


PEDIGREE Working Dog Formula Dry Dog Food With Real Beef 20kg Bag is specially formulated with quality protein and optimal fat levels for active working dogs.


At the PEDIGREE brand we believe that every dog deserves a loving home, and that every dog deserves leading nutrition. From over 40 years' of developing PEDIGREE recipes, we have developed PEDIGREE VITAL PROTECTION food designed to protect your dog in four ways: to help support a strong immune system, a healthy skin and coat, good digestion and healthy teeth. Every bag of PEDIGREE VITAL PROTECTION food is packed with the nutrition your dog needs to keep them healthy and full of vitality.


  • High energy formula that's more concentrated than most other working dog foods
  • Optimum balance of amino acids easily digested and absorbed into the body
  • Includes VITACOAT multi-nutrients to enhance skin and coat condition
  • High quality protein. Includes real beef
  • 100% complete & balanced cat food
  • 100% complete & balanced dog food


  • Working dogs can get the calories they need from a smaller amount of food
  • Vitamins and minerals designed to optimise your working dog's alertness and responsiveness.
  • High quality protein to develop and maintain the muscular strength and power necessary for a hard day's work
  • Antioxidants help minimise cell damage caused by the physical stresses of exercise and harsh environments

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