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  • Purvis Lucerne Chaff + Oil 20kg

Purvis Lucerne Chaff + Oil 20kg

  • To stimulate appetite - Purvis Lucerne Chaff is highly palatable

  • As a supplement to provide your horse with daily 'quality' proteins

  • To minimise the risks of developing gastric ulcers

  • To promote chewing and saliva production

  • To assist in peristalsis in the digesta

  • To optimise fermentation in the hindgut and improve microbial activity

  • Fat content similar to many cereal feeds and concentrates

  • Reduced Dust (virtually eliminates dust)

  • Contains Omegas 3, 6 and 9

  • Great Value for money compared to equivalent high moisture content forages

  • Easy to handle, store and feed

  • No wastage

  • Consistent quality

  • 86% Dry Matter: Therefore there is no degradation of our product upon opening, unlike baleage and chaffage products

  • All natural and NZ made - No molasses or additives. Pure Gold Animal Nutrition Oil is an all natural, traceable, cold pressed, GE Free oil, manufactured in New Zealand by Pure Oil NZ LTD.


Lucerne Chaff + Oil may safely be fed to all classes of horses and is especially useful for:


  • Broodmares

  • Lactating mares

  • Weanlings and Youngstock

  • Laminitic horses (after a veterinary consultation)

  • Horses needing to gain weight

  • Horses needing to build muscle and/or increase topline

  • Sport/Racing/Endurance Horses

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