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  • Putaruru Lucerne Chaff

Putaruru Lucerne Chaff


Putaruru Lucerne was created to produce high quality, dust free chaff that is so soft you can feed straight out of the bag, guaranteed!


From the team at Putaruru Lucerne

"Our lucerne begins life growing in the sunny Hawkes Bay. Once it reaches the correct maturity, we mow and condition the crop, crushing the stems by using a special process to speed drying which creates the soft lucerne that you can feel when you put your hand in the bag. We then rake the crop to advance drying and minimize bleaching and then bale it when the leaf is stable to ensure quality whole leaf content in our chopped lucerne.

After a period of maturing in the bale, we transport it back to our factory in Putaruru to be processed into the sacks that you have purchased. In our processing we pay particular attention to the cutting length, so there are no long straws that could damage your horses mouth and no dust to float into their lungs.

We have conducted extensive research to ensure that our product is completely and consistently dust free. You will enjoy the attractive clean sack and the soft chopped lucerne inside, we bet your horse will love it too!"

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