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  • Ranvet Formula 500 Plus

Ranvet Formula 500 Plus


High quality protein supplement promoting optimal muscle development and bone growth in growing and mature horses.


Exclusive protein supplement containing protein meal and essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E.

  • Daily supplementation of Ranvet 500 Plus will provide balancing nutrients for sound growth and excellent conditioning.
  • Supplies a unique amino acid profile which provides the building blocks to lay down bone and muscle in growing horses and keeps older horses looking young.
  • Optimal calcium: phosphorus ratio to ensure sound bone growth and development.
  • Provides low energy and carbohydrates while ensuring high quality protein provision.
  • Easily supplemented pellet form.
  • Complete feed supplement in highly palatable, easily delivered pelleted form.
  • No animal by-products. 


Digestible Energy 9.1MJ, Crude Protein 283g, Calcium 65.2g, Phosphorus 23.4g, Lysine 27g, Methionine 11.4g, Arginine 28g, Threonine 11.6g, Sulphur 5.2g, Magnesium 9.3g, Sodium 1.6g, Potassium 780mg, Iron 304mg, Zinc 804mg, Copper 402mg, Manganese 140mg, Cobalt 2.7mg, Iodine 4.34mg, Vitamin A 25,000IU, Vitamin D 10,000IU, Vitamin E 835IU, Folic Acid 36mg, Inositol 30mg, Fibre 72g, Oil 47g

Amounts per horse per day:

The recommended feeding rates are guidelines only.

Foals on a Solid Diet150g -200g
Weanling300g - 400g
Pregnant & Lactating Mare600g

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