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  • Takanini Chook Chow

Takanini Chook Chow


Suitable for laying hens and pullets.

Chook Chow is a unique and hugely popular meal-form chicken food suitable for laying hens and pullets.


It’s a wholesome and tantalizing mix of whole and crushed grains (New Zealand grown) which include maize, barley and wheat, with added soya meal for extra protein, and a vitamin and trace mineral premix for laying hens.

Chook Chow is an irresistible meal which is completely vegetarian (it contains no meat meal, blood meal or fish meal) and includes oven dried oyster grit to enhance egg shell strength. It’s not only a delicious meal that chooks love, but a truly complete feed.

Maize, Wheat, Soya Meal, Barley, Shell Grit, Limestone, Molasses, DCP (Di-Calcium Phosphate), Vegetable Oil, Salt, Vitamins and Trace Minerals, Amino Acids (Methionine and Lysine)

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