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  • Topflite Wild Bird Energy Cake

Topflite Wild Bird Energy Cake


In the 19th century it was possible that a famous French queen and probable bird lover was heard to remark “Let them eat cake”. We took these words to heart and produced the perfect energy food in cake form for our high-flying friends.

Size: 300g


Our high energy cakes offer wild birds an immediate source of energy essential for their survival during challenging times. They contain only the highest quality vegetable fat, an important dietary element for New Zealand’s wild birds alongside traditional foods such as seed, fruit and nectar. So, if any of the local peasants ask you what to feed the birds, well… you know what to say.

  • Perfect for placing in a Wild Bird Cake Feeder or simply on your dedicated bird table
  • Energy cakes can attract silvereye, sparrow, thrush, waxeye, blackbird and yellowhammer
  • Almost definitely not inspired by Marie-Antoinette
  • Individual cakes are now in compostable film

Vegetable fat, wheat flour and berry flavouring.

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