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  • Tubbease Hoof Sock
  • Tubbease Hoof Sock

Tubbease Hoof Sock


The Tubbease Equine Hoof Sock is the ultimate treatment aid to a variety of common hoof ailments and infections. 

Tubbease is a short-term treatment aid that will assist and enhance the recovery of range of hoof problems including: Abscess and infection, compromised or bruised soles, Thrush, Laminitis, White Line Disease​ and Seedy Toe


Simply measure the widest diameter of your horse’s hoof sole (this might be length or width depending on which is longer) and fit within one of the Tubbease sizes below. The fit of the hoof sock must be as close as possible to the hoof.

Tubbease can also be fitted over horseshoes.

  1. Pull over hoof: After preparing the hoof, open sock wide and pull Tubbease over hoof using tabs at side.
  2. Check fitting: Check Tubbease is fitting hoof correctly, then pull sock up carefully.
  3. Apply strap: With sock taut, fit hook and loop strap to lower pastern with hook side facing sock. Ensure one finger space under strap.
  4. Add treatment solution: With hoof on the ground, simply pour in treatment solution as required, or submerge fitted hoof into a bucket of your chosen solution for deeper soaking.

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