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  • Fiber Lucerne

Fiber Lucerne


A Versatile, Easy to Feed, Highly Nutritious, Palatable Lucerne Forage. FiberLUCERNE is a nutritious fibre feed with a medium energy level, The Lucerne contains naturally occurring vitamins & minerals.

Adding FiberLUCERNE to your horse's or pony's feeding regime will aid the feed with utilisation by ensuring a healthy digestive system. The inclusion of FiberLUCERNE to the diet will also assist in maintaining healthy gastric pH levels.


Being completely dust-free with a high moisture content, it helps to keep horses hydrated and enhances feed palatability. When added to your regular hard feed, FiberLUCERNE slows consumption and encourages chewing which increases saliva production- this will assist in maintaining optimum gastric health.

FiberLUCERNE contain natural beneficial yeasts and is rich in vitamin A&E, with good levels of available calcium. The addition of Lucerne to the diet is well researched for it's ability to maintain good gastric pH levels and therefore reduce the likelihood of adverse gastric conditions.

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