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  • Weston Rabbit Pellets

Weston Rabbit Pellets

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"A pellet adapted to all stages of growing rabbits". A balanced formulation of protein, energy and fibre ingredients, designed for feeding to growing stock, pregnant does and adult rabbits.


Weston Animal Nutrition Rabbit Pellets are formulated to maximise the performance of either meat or fur production systems, but also suited for feeding to pet rabbits. 

Feeding recommendations:
Always ensure quality roughage is made available to assist in the prevention of digestive upsets.
Clean freshwater should be available at all times.
Available in 10kg or 25kg bags.

Ingredients selected from: wheat, wheat-by products, lucerne meal, soya, molasses, lime, ebonite, minerals and vitamins, lysine, methionine and salt.

Ingredients are carefully selected to give the correct intake of protein, amino acids, energy, fibre, minerals and vitamins.

Typical Analysis

Energy DE11.7 MJ/kg
Crude Protein17.6 %
Fibre10.4 %
Fat4.3 %
Salt0.56 %

Amounts per day:

The recommended feeding rates are guidelines only.

Growing rabbitsFeed to appetite
Bucks & pregnant does80 - 115g
Does in late pregnancy & feedingFeed to appetite/ 200 - 400g

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